Discover the Ancient Cambodian Culture in Siam Reap

While we think about a retreat, we always aim on going to a place that is sublime and offers tranquility. I was surfing the internet for a destination when I could travel with my family. Although I have come across many places a destination that held me tight was Siam Reap in Cambodia. It is a cheerful city and has attracted many travelers over the years. But what attracted me the most was the Cambodian culture in Siam Reap.
The culture of Cambodia is rich in history that dates back to many centuries. It is said that India has a huge influence on the culture of Cambodia. However, religion played a major role in the history and culture of this country. The people of Cambodia developed a unique Khmer belief which is quite similar to Hinduism and Buddhism.
Cambodia fully flourishes between the 9th and 14th centuries. It is known as the Golden Era or the Angkor Period. But this period came to an end while there was a fight between the Angkor and the royalty. Many temples still exist in Cambodia which belongs to that era. Cambodia even flourished in other sectors as well during that time. Such as art, architecture, music, and dance, and these have a huge influence on the culture of the country.
On our family retreat we went to Siam Reap as this city holds the Cambodian culture intensely. Firstly, we visited Angkor Archaeological Park which is located four miles north of the city center. Here we came across the ruins that date back to the Angkor Period. However, within it was the Angkor Wat Temple which is the biggest tourist draw. Alongside that there were many other temples as well.
Another most popular spot was the Phnom Kulen also known as Kulen Mountain. It is a sacred place in the national park. This site is even popular among the Khmers during religious holidays. Perhaps, to experience the true taste of Cambodian culture you will have to visit the Artisan Angkor and this was suggested by our guide. There were many crafts made by the artisans in traditional methods. Most of the artifacts were used by the Cambodian people during the Angkor Period.
Our trip to Cambodia was a different family retreat because we just did not relish and relax in a small city in Cambodia but we experienced the culture and heritage there. We even came across locals who told us about the history and the authenticity of the places we visited. On the other hand, the family retreat experience would have been incomplete if I did make mention of the cuisine. Cambodian Cuisineis quite similar to Thai, Vietnamese, and Teochew cuisine. The people of Cambodia haven’t modified their food as they believe in holding the culture of their forefathers.
It was an excellent experience visiting such an enhanced country that is rich in culture and heritage. Perhaps, I would wholeheartedly recommend this place if you wish for a different and unique family retreat.

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